Fairtrade natural cosmetics • fair • natrue • vegan • halal • cruelty-free

We offer you natural cosmetics and hygiene products made of fairly traded ingredients. FAIR SQUARED cosmetics are one of the first cosmetic ranges worldwide who have been granted permission to carry the well-known Fairtrade seal.

FAIR SQUARED products also carry, among others, the NATRUE-seal for certified natural cosmetics, the seal of the Vegan Society, and the seal of the animal rights organization PeTA and are additionally certified Halal.

It is time for change. It’s in your hands.

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Fairtrade – fairly produced ingredients

The Fairtrade seal is the most well-known and one of the highest standard certification marks of Fair Trade. FAIR SQUARED produces, among others, olive oil from Palestine, almond oil from Pakistan, shea butter from Ghana, and natural rubber from India. Our 13 producers are, just like us, Fairtrade certified and continuously monitored.

NATRUE – naturally produced

NATRUE is an international nonprofit organization. The goal of the organization is to protect and benefit natural cosmetics worldwide. Products which carry the NATRUE-seal have been produced as naturally as possible.

Vegan – no animal products

The seal of the international organization „The Vegan Society“ is not only to be found on cosmetic products worldwide, but also on packaged foods, on clothes, cleaning products, as well as other products. The logo guarantees that the product contains no animal ingredients. Not even the glue of the packaging.

Halal – alcohol-free

Fair Squared cosmetic products are compatible to the Muslim faith and can be recommended to Muslims. They are free of animal products and contain no alcohol. The production is continuously monitored and no cross-contamination occurs.

Peta cruelty free – no animal testing

PeTA is the worldwide largest animal rights organization and fights among others against factory farming, animal testing, and fur farming. PeTA also only includes companies who take a clear stand against animal testing in their OK-list.